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  3. All of them do. Even Mother 3.
  4. Uhans i8 with Facial recognition Unlock system. 

    I am big fan of Uhans mobiles because Uhans is producing budget friendly top quality mobiles, newly launched Uhans i8 one of the great example. Check the video and find how fast recognize your face to unlock mobile screen?
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  6. Su 6 not benefitting from fibre upgrade

    Also upload speeds are consistently higher than down load speeds on the su6 and about 4 times as fast on adsl , so something's changed. Did a speed test on 4g download speed about 8, much faster than my fibre speeds.
  7. Su 6 not benefitting from fibre upgrade

    Thanks hecatae. Doesn't seem to be an option It's a plusnet hub one and currently connected on 802.11 b/g/n (up to 144 Mb/s) the other two options I've tried but no option to choose just n. While I was there I changed the name of the 5 GHz channel in case that was confusing the phone but made no difference. First world problems I know but it's bugging me.
  8. Su 6 not benefitting from fibre upgrade

    Jimbles54 can you force wireless N from the router? Something is causing the SU 6 to renegotiate at wireless B and G speeds,
  9. LineageOS 14.1 for Vodafone Smart Ultra 6

    echo problem www.reddit.com/r/LineageOS/comments/5z7yjb/nexus_6_speaker_echo/deye3m5/ maybe is the fix for echo problems in calls
  10. Been using it since latest release (24/11), more stable than stock rom so far and much faster as well. Everything seems to be working, I've experience the "battery issue" which really isn't an issue with the rom but more of an issue with configurations: Open status bar, pull down the icons. Press the pencil symbol(stylus) Check to see if you have NFC, GPS or any other feature active there that you don't really use. Or just simply disable them on settings if you can find them there. Another advice will be switching to Balanced on performance (battery options) and switch automatic optimisation to off, most times it just consumed more and offered same performance as Balanced. And finally if you want to save till the last drop, turn off auto brightness. Battery used to last me less than 4 hours between full charge, lasts me over a day with average use, using apps and games that would push a bit more from the phone, streaming and rendering. Was thinking of switching phones, after this, I will keep it for a while more. Thanks for your hard work! I will post if I find any bugs or features that may need to be tuned. PS: In regards of post above, LTE is working fine for me (Vodafone UK).
  11. The Flash and lighting in the taking of pictures and video is very dark, any solution in this regard? Equally there is a decompensation of the battery. Is it a problem of the OS, will it have any solution? I use the crDroid-ported-u8833 Testing and debugging
  12. Tested this ROM for 3 days so far and I am positively surprised. Everything works, the camera, the telephone, even the battery runtime is perfect with battery calibration from nema in playstore and kernel adjutor Settings: GPU min to 220, governor simple on demand. CPU big min to 533, governor powersave, CPU little min to 499, governor interactive and set at system start. And in system settings change battery setting to energy saving Besides if you have the SD not accessible bug, install exposed and search for marshmallow SD fix, maybe it helps LTE works. Thanks for this great rom
  13. How do I delete my account

    Please close and delete my account, Thanks
  14. Nomu T18 Walikie– Talkie smartphone

    After the last T18 walkie-talkie function video, NOMU specially makes a tutorial video for T18’s another unique function, external camera. How does it make a difference on T18?
  15. How do I delete my account

    Please Close and delete my account , Thanks
  16. Su 6 not benefitting from fibre upgrade

    It's back to 3. Something down and sometimes dropping off all together. Us the tx rate the bottom line in blue on the analyser you recommended? If so its connected at 72 Mbps. The other devices in the house are can all connect at stable fibre speeds, even my wife's 40 quid lenovo is showing 37 down on speed test. Just the su6 that's not playing nice. I wiped the cache partition and rebooted but same speeds. Don't know why.
  17. Not without repartitioning the storage and reinstalling everything.
  18. Nomu T18 Walikie– Talkie smartphone

    I bought NOMU T18 last month. It’s amazing! Definitely the most practical phone I’ve ever had. I love the external camera most. Somehow I read some bad reviews about it, said it’s a stealthie tool. That’s ridiculous as it has so big body, and has a wire connected to the phone. So visible. It’s nonsense for stealthie!
  19. Hi, if my Windows is seriously lack of harddisk space, would I be able to use the space allocated to Android previously to Windows?
  20. I do not notice adverts on my Amazon Fire lockscreen, and as there is going to be a software update that adds Alexa to the Wileyfox range, then I consider Wileyfox are almost unofficial Amazon phones. Just a shame they cannot add the Amazon Appstore into the stock rom
  21. Su 6 not benefitting from fibre upgrade

    Hi Jimbles54 that sounds better, I get a 72 Mb/s TX Rate on my devices
  22. Since custom rom do not change /modem and /cust partition, you can try it without changes (leave it at 2030), if sim is not detected, try 1040.
  23. Awful idea. Cheapens the whole brand IMHO. No one in their right mind wants ads on their lock screen, I certainly wouldn't. Wileyfox for me have lost it completely. Obviously their phones are not aimed at people like me who know they can get better speced phones in china for less but even for the market they are attempting to hit (low end-low mid range) they don't strike me as even that good value. They also havnt released a new phone since 2016. Instead of annoying ad gimmicks they should cut down their confused product line and focus on software refinement, especially providing a good camera experience and trying to distinguish themselves from other vendors in the market with clever design choices.
  24. Su 6 not benefitting from fibre upgrade

    Hi Hecatae. Thanks for your response. I reset the phone about 12 times and now it is connecting at around 37 down which I'm more than happy with. Thanks again for your advice.
  25. Su 6 not benefitting from fibre upgrade

    Hi Jimbles54 If you install a Wifi Analyzer on your SU6, like this one https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vrem.wifianalyzer&hl=en for example, the access points should advise the tx rate you are connecting to your wireless access point at.
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