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  3. Not Found The requested URL /files/ was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80 this is what is get when I try to download the file. Any help?
  4. Hey Paul... I did that and now im stuck with C900B136 and I wont get OTA update for android Nougat?
  5. link is dead. Not Found The requested URL /files/twrp-3.0.2-0-frd-modaco-rc1.img was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80
  6. Stock firmwares are available at Cube forum. I know it's nearly impossible to download anything from baidu. I don't know if anyone has mirrored the I1-TD firmware somewhere else.
  7. Which one do you mean? Remix OS or the Android TV I just posted? Both have completely different look and feel than the stock ROM (which is quite hideous IMO). Remix OS has desktop oriented UI with resizable windows, etc. Android TV is Google's idea what Android experience should be like on a media device. It's what you can find on Nexus Player and other media devices Google now sells on Play Store.
  8. What will you do now adeii? I was looking forward to an update D:
  9. Please delete my account, i don't use ihm anymore. Thanks!
  10. Or just wait until it's here and see then? I would be surprised if it's 64 bit tbh but there's not long to wait either way. Have patience Padawan.
  11. chil360 already made and upload slim6 v.2.0 and I hope that will be all. " Slim6 has now reached Stable status at version 2.0 (for some devices, others will receive a weekly build), and is being considered EOL unless Google pushes more security updates for Marshmallow. " About InfinitiveOS, they stoped with 6.0.x progress in July 2016. Lineage OS 13 got no major update for now, so no new build for now. AICP also stoped 6.0.x progress in october 2016.
  12. For now, Lineage has not got much update - just fixed bootanimation. So no need for update for now. HW spec. should not be a problem, Huawei Y635 got unofficial update for CM/LOS 14.1, main problem is to change kernel for can not boot, even at chil360. i do not know about "extra storage partition" :(
  13. It's very nice of you to say that.
  14. Changlog New - All-new Remote assistant (01-13) New - Quick search for QQ, WeChat, and Weibo photos in Albums (01-17) Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar Fix - Bluetooth earphones battery status error (01-17) Home screen Optimization - Swipe up to remove a task in Recents (01-18) Gallery New - Quick search for QQ, WeChat, and Weibo photos in Albums (01-17) Weather Fix - Error message didn't disappear when weather data appeared (01-17) Fix - Font issues with temperature when weather data appeared (01-17) Fix - Pictures turn blur in detail pages (01-17) Remote assistant New - All-new Remote assistant (01-13)
  15. thank you, and what about changelog? flashed it, for now everything works fine
  16. Hi KonstaT, I currently have your older version of twrp for Hi12 from Techtablet forum. It worked to install CM12.1 but would there be advantage to change to this version and which one to use as Hi12 is not listed.
  17. Last week
  18. I discovered something - my toolchain do not sign modules ( the toolchain is 4.8 ) ....but poky toolchain does ( I assume is based on toolchain 4.9 ). I try to add my touch driver to your kernel - hope will be works :-) edit : I added new touch drivers to your kernel ... maybe will be helpful - I attach diff tomorrow . You are great KonstanT ! Also noticed that I have camera 5648 - I don't know how I remembered that works with 2680 drivers and firmware ... I have to fix it. ps KonstanT I'm curious that path you added to kernel to fix deeps sleep. Where I can find it.
  19. Here u go.. MIUI8 17.1.19 on COOLPAD F1 with Greek support!IUYwDIiA!bHwEwpXzdv4v_y14hp5DueUciukHmZO5FAG4DYJ_uFw Flash it over any previously installed miui version.. (dirty flash) No wipes needed. It's an AIO rom. Njoy.. :)
  20. Yes.. Miui themes. Also, with Greek Support too (just download MoreLangs from playstore. Search and Select Ελληνικά)
  21. Ciao everybody, thanks for all your info. I had a big problem on a Iwork8 I1-TD of my son. A problem with original battery (now replaced) has corrupted almost everything so I don't have original Android and original Windows10 anymore. I used your great info for installing Remix OS, but I don't know how to reinstall win10. I tried with a procedure of but touchscrren and other things doesn't please some of you have the image of win10 for I1-TD version? I need also the right procedure to install it. Thanks in advance Ciao.
  22. miui themes, explain i dont understand ?
  23. version 7.1.19 is uploading.. GPS IS OK.... confirmed... >all themes for free ;)
  24. The update is more than confirmed, now lets focus on the little thing it might or might not come with it.
  25. Just hope we actually get the update. 64 bit, hd voice, quick charge, all that are extras
  26. Hopefully, just hopefully this new update to Marshmallow will be a 64-bit update and it will activate HD Voice and Quick Charge 2.0
  27. What are advantages of this port to the native firmware?
  28. Ported a newer version of Android TV from Ugoos AM1 and seems a lot more mature. Even home button is working now. :P
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