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Download Freeware that does not fit in the other categories here!

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  1. Free

    Portrait Number Layout for fingerkeyboard 2.1



  2. Free

    This is the flasher for i60x that allows to flash only individual regions of the firmware in Samsung i60x



  3. Free

    MPGCalc v0.1

    Something I knocked up quickly (with the help of a friend, as my c# knowledge is lacking).

    All it does is convert Litres of fuel used (at a fillup for example) and miles covered (of trip) to MPG.

    It also as a by product converts the Litres used into Gallons (UK).

    To install

    Create a folder on your phone (\storage\program files\mpgcalc for example) and copy the exe file there, create a shortcut to \storage\windows\start menu and jobs done.

    It's (obviously) unsigned so need to app unlock your phone first (www.modaco.com forums for that one)

    I take no blame for this application using your phone to take over the world or any other more minor problems it may have.

    Any feedback then PM me at MoDaCo.com




  4. Free

    SmartWorkout is an application that will allow you to keep track of anything fitness wise about yourself. At the moment this is a work in progress and this is the first version. The current version can do the following:

    Current Features:
    * Calculates Body Mass Index
    * Calculates Basal Metabolic Rate
    * Calculates Body Fat
    * Calculates Target Heart Rate
    * Allows Inputting of Weight Collected overtime and storage of it in
    XML file.
    * Uses Metric System only



  5. Free

    AutoBaseHue is a program that allow to choose the
    desiderated value for the registry key


    Furthermore, bacuse of the value of BaseHue is resetted
    after every device's soft-reset, AutoBaseHue restore the
    chosen value at every boot of windows.

    The operation is truly simple:
    The program is composed from two executables:

    - ABHChooser.exe
    - ABHSetter.exe

    and from one registry key:

    - HKLM\Software\AutoBaseHue\BHCol

    * ABHChooser is a very simple program that allow to
    insert in a textbox the desiderated value for BaseHue.
    Pressing OK, this value will be saved in

    * ABHSetter is a even simpler program that read the
    value of HKLM\Software\AutoBaseHue\BHCol
    and write it in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Color\BaseHue

    The installation copy the ABHSetter rows in
    \Windows\StartUp so that it comes executed at the boot time

    That's All Folks!!!
    [email protected]

    PS: The sources of the program are included.
    You feel free to use and modify it as to more it like to you :D



  6. Free

    Here is Win CE Glossary compiled in MDX format designed for MDict 2.1.2 dictionry for MS-Smartphone.

    The database contains definitions for terms and concepts used in the Windows CE SDK, CE Studio, Platform Builder documentation...Windows mobile jargons in general.

    1. MDict 2.1.2 for MS-Smartphone (reads the mxd file on your device)
    2. MDict for PC 0.5 Alpha (to view the dictionary file on your desktop)

    1. Download the ZIP attachment below this post then extract contetns to a folder on your PC.
    2. Transfer 'wince.mdx' to a folder on you Storage Card.
    3. Launch MDict program on your device then hit Library > Refresh Library List. You should now see the dictionary file on your list.
    4. Highlight the file then press Action button (Enter).

    Attached below is compilation 061205 revision 2. I'll post updates when available.

    Visit MDict website to download the required dictionary readers.

    Have fun ;)



  7. Free

    A new version build of mDigger Reader has just been released! mDigger Reader is the powerful little program for smartphones, Pocket PC’s, PDA’s, Tablet PC’s & UMPC's, that lets users read, organize, share, save and update all news, information and pictures delivered to their mobile devices from the free Internet information service, mDigger. mDigger Reader provides users with a great channel browsing and mobile information sharing experience. In addition its standard features such as:

    · Desktop –free synchronization.

    · Offline (or online) reading with images included

    · Article thumbnails with quick drill down to full text

    · Ability to organize channels into groups

    The program now offers new features including:

    · Image and text sharing (ability to save channel images and text between applications on your device or send and share externally to others)

    · New image preview section

    · Additional context menu in channel read mode

    · Optimized interface for channel browsing

    · Now also supports new devices running on Windows Mobile 6

    · Added support for 3G Smartphones

    · Totally new server synchronization protocol. More reliable, incredibly fast & proxy transparent.

    mDigger Reader can be downloaded for free directly from the mDigger website at: http://www.mdigger.com/download.aspx .

    mDigger Service is a Internet service that provides users with the capability to conveniently access a vast assortment of Web resources from their mobile devices. The Service transforms traditional Internet-based content into a format that is tailored for a user's specific device, resulting in a rich and mobile-friendly Web experience.

    Users can sign up for free at http://www.mdigger.com. The service offers a demo account for users who want to try it out before registering. Demo login is [email protected] and password: demo.

    mDigger supports a broad range of content and offers over 1,200 channels in its easy-to-search catalog and is actively accepting requests for new channels in its forum at http://www.mdigger.com .

    Please try it out and let us know what you think!

    Quarta Mobile Team



  8. Free

    FEADIE helps when Internet Explorer keeps telling "Error: This file cannot be viewed on the device". Setting this file extension in FEADIE should solve this error message.
    In case you want to download some file and it displays as text, go to \Windows\Profiles\guest\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5 and find the file by its filename. (This problem often relates CAB files because many web servers are missing Content-Type for this extension.)
    Requirements .NET Compact Framework (version 2 or later).


    More application on my site http://www.smartmadsoft.com



  9. Free

    I made a PNG for for my taskbar and thought I should share it.. ;)



  10. Free

    This application will turn your smartphone or PDA screen into multi-purpose flashlight. It can support a lot of modern smartphones and PDAs, starting with Windows Mobile 2003. Its completely free, but if you find it useful, you can show your gratitude by donating to author:

    Recent smartphones (ie C600, 8310, etc) use very bright light emission lamps in their screens, so idea of using them as flashlights is not as silly as it can sound. In fact, that program already was a big help for me when I needed to navigate pitch-black premises during the black out :D

    To make it more interesting, it supports 4 flashlight colors and 3 modes of operation lied out on digital keypad a table fashion:

    M2 M3 M1 | | | W- 1 2 3 R- 4 5 6 B- 7 8 9 G- * 0 #
    There are 4 colors - White, Red(good for your night vision), Green and Blue.
    And 3 modes of operation:
    - in first mode light is always on, but you can temporarly "flash out" by holding the button
    - in the second mode light is off, but you can make flashes by holding the button
    - in the third mode light light is pulsing - faster if you hold the button

    Also you can fine-tune brightness with joystick up-down, if you wish.

    The program will make sure that light will not turn off by timeout and will use maximum brightness until you turn it off manually.


    Version 1.02
    - mode 3 is always auto-blink, faster if holding a button

    Version 1.01
    - fixes for Typhoon/Feeler (C500/8010/8020)



  11. Free

    These are the GPRS and WAP settings that I have found to work with my SMT5600 on Cingular's network. I compiled this from varios postings in forums. I cannot take credit for them ;)



  12. Free

    This is a HOW-TO conversion for the SMT 5600 on the Cingular Network. It includes the HOW-TO, rebranding .gif's and some handy files. I did not create this....found it in the forums somewhere.



  13. Free

    This application allows the user to calculate stamp duty on any property in Australia. This is release of version 1.1 which in includes some additional features like:
    Caculates Fee's and Stamp Duty Associated with purchasing a Property in Australia
    New Improved UI
    A link to the relavent Government Website
    This developer resides in Adelaide, South Australia and has been writing applications for smartphone compact framework. If you want further information about this develop and other applications he is working on goto this website Mobile Device and Smartphone Development



  14. Free

    Dear C500 and Typhoon community,

    This is not a complete home screen package, but only contains PIT files to be used for caller id.

    I created some pit (picture identity template, or caller id) files for your phone. The standard pits are so childish and I couldn't find something I liked, so I created these pits, in the Orange style. The colours match with almost any theme you use.

    I also included the original PSD file, so you can use Photoshop and PitTools (trademarks, respective owners, bladibla) to create your own PITs based on this style.

    Greetings from user888.



  15. Free

    Windows Mobile Monitor is a software application designed for cellphones running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0. The application runs silently and invisibly recording all text message and phone call activity that takes place on the phone. A desktop client application allows you to easily and quickly transfer the activity log to your own computer.



  16. Free

    WMP Remote is an application designed for smartphones.

    The application allows you to control the server, which is on the PC, which has WMP

    Basically - you can control the media files you play from the power of your smartphone, and my application, on your PC!

    Simply install it, connect to the server and away you go!

    more information:




  17. Free

    Free scientific calculator. Fast and easy to use high-tech calculator.It has 42 buttons and 30 digits.
    This calculator can do everything! Besides the basic functions: add, subtract, multiply, and divide and also all of scientific functions:

    Additionally, you can use paranthesis.
    And you can input from keypad or you can use only joystick.
    It works on any smartphone and any windows mobile operating system.



  18. Free

    Send Free SMS messages via GPRS



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