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  1. Free

    You can check my application TrackyPro if you need a rich tool for "off-road navigation" (hiking, biking, etc.). The trial version is for free. After you played with it, you can consider buying at my website The price has recently been decreased to 20Euro. Thanks.



  2. Free


    It will expire after 3 weeks and ask for a username and password, but donate any amount via paypal on or to "[email protected]" and I will send you a username and licensecode.




  3. Free

    SmartGPS - An application to display GPS data from any NMEA compatible device, including Bluetooth devices.

    Shows speed, heading, max speed, lat/lon, satellite count, fix type, average speed and height above sea level. Can also be set to show Mph or Kph for speed and metres or feet for altitude.

    v0.7 now available!

    *** NEW V1.0 now available from ***



  4. Free

    Smart411 is a front end app that collects Search Criteria and Submits to Phil Bogle's ( Berry411 search engine. It is a 411 application that can be very useful if you have internet connection and if you want to search for something while you are traveling/or if you need some information. Your previous searches and addresses will be saved to save some time when you try a search the next time.
    You can submit searches to Yellow Pages, White Pages, Google, Movies, Shopping, Encyclopedia, Weather etc..



  5. Free

    Well i thought i'd be good to sahre somthing that i had created.. this requires the Freeware Dictionary Reader from


    well do send feel free to modify, create and distribute this software.. the zip file contains tow other files besides this readme file. the .mdx is the database file required. the .txt file is the file which was written by me and used to create the data base file.

    [email protected]



  6. Free

    Metro helps you find your way in the public transport systems (subway, bus, trams, ...) in more than 300 cities around the world. FREE, FAST & ACCURATE.

    Download the latest version

    Metro WebSite



  7. Free

    Smarthiker from is a Global Positioning System (GPS) software application for the Microsoft Smartphone especially for walkers, hikers and mountineers.

    It shows the following information using a bluetooth GPS unit:

    * Current Lat / Long Current
    * OSGB Grid reference (UK only)
    * Current Speed
    * Current Direction of Travel
    * Average Speed

    Currently in Beta there are plans to add many other useful features like weather, sunrise/sunset times and others...

    smarthiker needs the OpenNetCF install as well to work. The install file can be found at:



  8. Free

    Yet another unit converter program.
    Handyconverter is a really precise English Imperial/Metric converter. Has nine different types:
    Length, Area, Volume, Mass, Force, Pressure, Energy, Power, Temperature.

    Has a total of 101 different units to convert both ways.

    Its not a graphical master piece, its simple and fast. That's it.

    NOTE: I have not added Rankine due to confusion, i found three different sites saying three different ways to convert from Rankine and to Rankine, so if someone could give me the correct way, i'll gladly add it. I have not added mileage conversion yet, due to the same reason as with Rankine, so if you know the correct way, drop me a note at [email protected]


    0.2 BETA
    Removed the 'types menu' and added a 'types' combobox.
    Changed the layout.
    Hopefully fixed the mapping problems.
    Some minor spellings fixed ;)

    0.1 BETA
    First release.



  9. Free

    gpsVP is full-featured GPS navigations software. Supports waypoints, tracks, multiple monitors. Compatible with maps for Garmin navigators. Freely available maps cover all the world with good detail for many countries.
    Homepage and latest version downloads:



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