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Utilities - Homescreen Plugins

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Download Freeware Homescreen Plugins from here!

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  1. Free

    CommCEntric v1.1 - homescreen BT&WiFi plugin

    DISCLAIMER: I will not assume any responsibility for any damage this software may cause to your phone and/or your personal data.

    What is it
    CommCEntric is a homescreen plugin that simplifies access to the BT&WiFi switches on your phone, placing 2 icons on the homescreen. The icons have a context menu for super-fast switching on and off. The BT icon has a shortcut to the bluetooth settings in the control panel.

    How to install
    If you already have the old version installed, please uninstall it and reboot the phone before installing this new version!
    Otherwise, simply copy and run the .CAB file on your phone. Please install it to the internal storage (less than 50 kb required).

    How to use
    For a basic installation, place the following lines in your homescreen's xml file.

    <plugin clsid="{42661036-6FE8-4194-B549-3CC38D8B90C9}" align="left"> </plugin> The align attribute is supported, with the following values: - left: align to left - right: align to right - center: horizontal center in screen - borders: BT icon to the left, WiFi icon to the right Plugin can be translated by adding the following attributes: - str_bt0: translation for "Disable Bluetooth" - str_bt1: translation for "Enable Bluetooth" - str_bt1d: translation for "Set discoverable" - str_btconf: translation for "Configure Bluetooth" - str_wifi0: translation for "Disable Wi-Fi" - str_wifi1: translation for "Enable Wi-Fi" For an example translating the "Set discoverable" string to italian, see this snippet: <plugin clsid="{42661036-6FE8-4194-B549-3CC38D8B90C9}" align="left" str_bt1d="Bluetooth raggiungibile"> </plugin> Plugin can also display clock and date adding the following attributes (NEW!): - time: format syntax for time (see here, look for the "lpFormat" section) - date: format syntax for date (see here, look for the "lpFormat" section, note that the format syntax for days is lowercase, there's an error in the microsoft docs, so "Dddd" -> "dddd") For example: <plugin clsid="{42661036-6FE8-4194-B549-3CC38D8B90C9}" align="left" date="dddd d MMMM yyyy" time="HH:mm"> </plugin>

    - Now supports all devices with Windows Mobile 2003 and newer, with Bluetooth
    - May require phone unlock.

    Should you find a bug...
    Please notify it to me in the support thread!
    I thank in advance those who notify me if their WiFi device is recognized and working (switches on&off) with this new version!
    Look for a .LOG file in the plugin folder.

    - Plugin height is fixed to 42 pixels

    Version history
    new drawing algorythm that allows WM2003 compatibility
    improved WiFi detection
    WiFi switching now should work
    new clock feature
    new "Bluetooth settings" shortcut

    initial release



  2. Free

    BatPlug 0.2.9

    BatPlug is a free, skinnable/customizable homescreen plug-in which displays the amount of charge left in your smartphone battery. Batplug shows a battery power meter on the homescreen, the percentage of charge remaining, and a time estimate of how long the charge will last.

    Compatible with both Windows Mobile 2002 & 2003.

    To skin the meter bar, change or replace the file "skin.bmp" in Storage/Application Data/Home. Make sure you have this file on your smartphone after installation.

    More skins available at http://www.lemondeduskin.com/details_news....news=1096291795

    Installation help, homescreen XMLs customized with Batplug, and a few more skins are available through the Modaco.com Batplug forum at http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=...hl=batplug&st=0



  3. Free


    This plugin allows enabling and setting the smartphone alarm directly in your homescreen.



  4. Free

    SLiClock 1.4

    Analogue clock homescreen plugin with many features. Freely customizable.



  5. Free

    Restoring Extra Screens to Defaults

    Attached is a cab that once installed restores all of the extra screens back to the MS default screens, including startup, shutdown, programs menu, alert screens, dial screens etc.

    Please reset phone after installation.



  6. Free


    Utilitarian clock, alarm and short timer plugin you will find usefull if you use phone as a watch. It displays time in big readable digits - and uses place on side for everything else.

    1. Displays time, date and day of week. You can change date format in home screen XML.
    2. Displays system alarm time.
    3. Action(click) runs external application to set alarm. By default it is set to Oxios Alarms. To change it to another application (there are some freeware alarms), edit this XML line
    &lt;action run-app="/Storage/Program Files/Oxios/Alarms/Alarms.exe"/&gt;
    Note: the application must set system alarm, not custom one.
    4. Press right once to note a time. Time will be remembered in lower-right corner.
    5. Press right and left to set short timer in minutes. Plugin will play sound when timer runs off.
    6. Change size, fonts and colors with home screen XML.

    CAB installer includes 3 example homescreens - 'ImaClock', 'ImaClock(white)' and 'ImaClock(blue)'. 'ImaClock' naturally looks the best. You can customize one of those homescreens or copy plugin code (it's marked with comment) to your own.



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