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Download 8 in 1 Stopwatch

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Stopwatch 8 (8 in 1 Stopwatch)
Some time ago, I needed a stopwatch & realised the "Smartphone" didn't have one (or at least I couldn't find one anyhoo!) so I created one. Its intended use was to time several items at once (e.g. a race). I don't like standard Start / Lap /Stop timers so I laid it out as 8 individual timers. Each one can be started / stopped individually & they are Count up / Count down / Current Time / Journal configurable.

Normally I'd have done this in C++ (so It could be used on WM2002 & WM2003) but I was in a hurry & so did it in C# - my apologies to the WM2002 users!

UPDATE 16-Sep-2007 Sorry its been a while!
Added: Support for rotation
Change: Report viewing (now uses internal form instead of IE)
Change: Method of displaying background image so devices with different size Client Rectangle still sees it!
Other: Under the hood improvements!
* Coming Soon - support for touch screen devices.

UPDATE 5-Oct-06
Change: Set default "Backlight" option to 'Default' - i.e. use power management settings
Fix: Setting of alert file now saves every time
Fix: Setting for 'always on top' is now remembered
Added: Ability to generate text report (faster)
Added: Default build in alert sound (for those without a suitable 'WAV' on your phone)
Added: Ability to save / load / rename / delete timer sets
Added: Ability to 'Lock' the application itself to prevent accidental pressing of button
Other: Under the hood improvements!

Prev Version updates
* Vibrate alerts (additional to WAV alerts)
* Time mode / Journal Mode
* Backlight always on (full / low power)
* Keep application on top (a stopwatch needs to stay in view / not disappear to the background!)
* You can now set the action button to either "Cycle Through" or "Toggle Timer" (a workaround for the protected buttons on WM2005)
* Auto save selected timer set
* Some other bugs & spellings corrected.

See original thread for more details...

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