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Download Tornado PowerControl

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Tornado PowerControl 2.0 Beta 4
2006 Jurasa LLC


NOTE: TPC Version 1.4 (which uses .NET CF 1.0) and can be downloaded from:
Version 1.4 is not fully featured

* Runs a program when the On, BacklightOff, and UserIdle Display events are triggered
* Has a 'Dim' and 'Bright' Display setting. Dim setting keeps the display at the 'BacklightOff' brightness at all times, while bright keeps it the normal
* Control CPU Speed directly (using OMAPClock)
* Automatic switching of CPU Speed based on CPU Load to maximize performance and battery life

Supported Phones:
* Any HTC Tornado phone (i-mate SP5, i-mate SP5m, Cingular 2125, T-Mobile SDA USA, etc)

Requirements (READ THIS!!!):
* Compact Framework 2.0 is required! This is a small download and SP1 can now be installed to the Storage Card.
* CF2.0 SP1 for the Tornado can be download from: http://merwin.bespin.org/cf2/NETCFv2.wm.armv4i.cab

Command Line Usage:
* Start the program with either the 'dim' or 'bright' arguments to start the application in dim or bright mode
* Start the program with the 'hide' argument to hide the application at startup
* Start the program with the 'toggle' arguement to start the application in the opposite brightness mode that was used the last time the program was executed
* Example shortcut file to start the program in 'dim' mode:
60#"\Program Files\TornadoPowerControl\TornadoPowerControl.exe" dim hide
* Example shortcut file to start the program in 'bright' mode:
60#"\Program Files\TornadoPowerControl\TornadoPowerControl.exe" bright show
* Example shortcut file to toggle the display between 'dim' and 'bright' mode:
60#"\Program Files\TornadoPowerControl\TornadoPowerControl.exe" toggle hide

Display Modes:
* On - Display is at full brightness
* BacklightOff - Display has dimmed after being idle for a period of time
* UserIdle - Display has completely turned off

CPU Speed Control:
* NOTE: The creator of Tornado PowerControl (TPC) is not responsible for any damage you do to your phone through overlocking or underclocking!
* The HTC Tornado phone automatically resets CPU speed when the phone goes into power saving mode. TPC automatically changes the CPU speed when the phone comes out of power saving mode.
* Since large changes of CPU speed tend to lock the phone up, the CPU speed is actually changed twice when you select a speed. First, it is changed to 180MHz, then it is changed to whatever is selected. This provides additional stability.
* CPU Speed is saved in the Registry and will be automatically saved when changed.
* The CPU speed displayed in TPC is the setting stored in the registry, not the actual CPU speed. To verify CPU speed, run OmapClock.

Automatic CPU Speed Control:
* NOTE: This feature is BETA. Any input on how to improve this would be appreciated.
* TPC has an option to automatically control CPU speed. This will set the speed of the CPU based on CPU Load.
* The CPU Load is polled up to 4 times per second when the display is on, and is not polled when the phone is in power saving mode (display completely off)
* The CPU is switched between 116 MHz, 180 MHz, and 228 MHz based on an algorithm. Basically, it will step up very quickly, and step down slowly.
* 116 MHz will be used if the CPU Load is under 33% for 10 seconds.
* 228 MHz will be used once the CPU Load reaches 66%.
* The phone will step up as fast as it can, but will only step down every 10 seconds (if needed).

Event Shortcuts:
* Event Shortcuts are started whenever the phone display changes modes
* If the files do not exist or are empty, they will not be executed and an error will be displayed in the application
* Any application can be executed from these links.
* Create and place the following files in the same folder as TornadoPowerControl.exe
* The shortcut files that are included with the application are empty and must be replaced with real links before they will work

Version History:
2.0 Beta 4 - Fixed a bug causing the state of the CPU Speed Indicator not to be saved at exit. Fixed a bug that would cause the application to not fully exit under rare circumstances. Changed form behavior to only show one form at a time - The main form is hidden when another form is active.
2.0 Beta 3 - Fixed a bug causing the app to not start... Forgot to include OpenNETCF.Windows.Forms.dll
2.0 Beta 2 - Added configurable settings for the 'Auto CPU Speed' speeds. Added graphical CPU Speed Indicator for the notification bar. Squashed a bug that caused the app to minimize when the display went to dim. Changed creator from the creator 'merwin' to the formal company name of 'Jurasa LLC'
2.0 Beta 1 - Complete rewrite of the software. Added a new scrolling form layout. Added Automatic CPU Speed Control. Changed 'Dim' back from D4 to D3
1.45 - Upgraded to Compact Framework 2.0 and OpenNetCF SDF2.0. Changed 'Dim' from D3 to D4. Rewrote process execution to provide more detailed errors. Altered method of changing display brightness to help prevent the display from staying off if the app crashes.
1.4 - Shiny new CAB installer. Optimized events to prevent duplicate events from happening. Added OMAPClock control to the application. Added 'About TPC' option. Rearranged GUI.
1.3 - Fixed 'backlight stays on forever when exiting' bug. Changed app to not allow any program other than TPC to close TPC (including XBar).
1.2 - Added 'toggle' command line option. Allowed multiple instances of app to start, but only one stays resident (to allow toggling). Last Display state is also saved in the registry
1.1 Beta 1 - Added 'hide' and 'show' command line options
1.0 - Initial Version. Includes Event Shortcuts as well as 'Dim' and 'Bright' display settings

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