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About This File

This application will turn your smartphone or PDA screen into multi-purpose flashlight. It can support a lot of modern smartphones and PDAs, starting with Windows Mobile 2003. Its completely free, but if you find it useful, you can show your gratitude by donating to author: x-click-but21.gif

Recent smartphones (ie C600, 8310, etc) use very bright light emission lamps in their screens, so idea of using them as flashlights is not as silly as it can sound. In fact, that program already was a big help for me when I needed to navigate pitch-black premises during the black out :D

To make it more interesting, it supports 4 flashlight colors and 3 modes of operation lied out on digital keypad a table fashion:

	M2 M3 M1

	|  |  |

W-  1  2  3  

R-  4  5  6  

B-  7  8  9  

G-  *  0  #

There are 4 colors - White, Red(good for your night vision), Green and Blue.

And 3 modes of operation:

- in first mode light is always on, but you can temporarly "flash out" by holding the button

- in the second mode light is off, but you can make flashes by holding the button

- in the third mode light light is pulsing - faster if you hold the button

Also you can fine-tune brightness with joystick up-down, if you wish.

The program will make sure that light will not turn off by timeout and will use maximum brightness until you turn it off manually.


Version 1.02

- mode 3 is always auto-blink, faster if holding a button

Version 1.01

- fixes for Typhoon/Feeler (C500/8010/8020)