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Snooze has multiple recurring alarms that can play either .wav or .mp3 files. It can also change the phone profile or run an application of your choosing.

Snooze is designed for QVGA WM5 smartphones, it should work on any QVGA WM5 device although there is no touch screen support. It may work on WM2003, but I have not tested this.

I've tried to make the interface intuitive, so I won't write a whole bunch of instructions. Mp3 or wav files must be in the application directory, or \My Documents\ or \My Documents\My Music\. If you have Snooze installed to a storage card, they can also be in either of those two folders on the storage card.

Snooze requires .NET CF 2.0 to be installed on the phone. I've only tested this on my i-mate SP5, so comments about performance on other phones would be appreciated.

Unfortunately you must unlock your phone to dismiss or snooze an alarm. Code to override the lock state would be appreciated.

Snooze uses FMOD 3.75 to play mp3 files, fmodce.dll for WM5 & WM6 is included in the cab, for older WM versions you'll need to get the correct fmodce.dll from http://www.fmod.org

This is intended to be the final version of Snooze. In the past I have been very disappointed to find that Snooze crashed occasionally, sometimes requiring my phone to be restarted. I have finally fixed this in v1.3.1. If anyone has stopped using Snooze due to this problem, please download this latest version.

I am also considering porting Snooze to PPC to enable touch screen support. If I get a good response to this I will do it in the near future. Please comment in the forum topic.

Current version: 1.3.1

Changed in 1.3.1 include:

Major bug fix to prevent program lockups (everyone should use only this version)

Added option to display the time in 24h format

Minor memory optimizations

Changes in v1.3 include:

Vibrate option for Play Sound alarms

Treeview file browser

Fixed a bug that caused a non-Play Sound alarm to automatically dismiss any current Play Sound alarms

Better storage card code, the program will now find the storage card independantly of where it's installed

Bug fix where a sound would keep playing when you closed the Options window

Tweak to provide a better interface when changing the alarm action

Removed check for old alarms stored in registry

Changes in v1.2.1 include:

Added command line arguments to Execute Program alarms

Fixed display of Execute Program alarms in Set Alarm form

Changes in v1.2 include:

Program will close when an alarm is dismissed unless started manually by user.

Duplicate alarm names and times are allowed.

Sound alarms will queue up if activated while another alarm is already active. Profile changes and program exectution will execute at the set time regardless of other alarms.

In the Alarm screen the RH menu now has a range of snooze times. Default time is still activated by any keypad key.

Fixed display of disabled alarms.

Alarm info is now stored in a file in the program directory instead of the registry. (Alarms from previous version will be imported automatically on first run.)

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