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Don't Touch Me

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About This File



DTM / Don't Touch Me is an accelerometer-based application that raise alarm when any movement is detected. Designed for HTC Touch devices like Touch HD, Touch Pro, Touch Diamond and compatible.


- Can minimize itself on activate.

- Can switch phone to sleep mode on activate.

- Can run selected program on activate.

- Register move.

- User-defined sensivity of move detection.

- User-defined time of alarm.

- Can play selected sound while raising alarm.

- User define code to deactivate alarm (empty on startup).

- It's free.

Video Preview of Don't Touch Me

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First usage hint:

In Menu->Settings->Alarm tab check "Play sound" option and choose sound file (only wav format is supported), then press Save button. If not, alarm will be silent.

Tested devices: HTC Touch HD.

GUI explantation (v0.1.0):

1. Main Screen

Run/Stop button - activate/deactivate alarm

Menu->Settings - show settings window

Menu->About - show about window

Menu->Exit - exit application

When you activate alarm at bottom of main screen can be displayed two red panels. Left panel indicate alarm, right panel indicate movement.

2. Settings Window:

2.1 Activation tab:

- Delay (in seconds) - alarm activation delay (after pressing Run button)

- Minimize - if checked, application will minimize on activation

- Sleep - if checked, device go to unattended mode on activation

- Run program - if checked, select application will be run on activation

- Parameters - run parameters of selected application

2.2 Deactivation tab

- Change code - check if you want to change deactivation code (deafult code is empty)

2.3 Alarm tab

- Sensitivity - sensitivity of movement (float)

- Continuation (in seconds) - how long alarm should be On after stop of movement

- Schow deactivation panel - if checked, when alarm is triggered, deactivation code panel automatically shows up

- Play sound - play sound on alarm when it is checked

- Delay (in seconds) - delay for play sound (time for entering code without screaming device :P ).