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C500 & Qtek8010

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C500 coming to a Orange Store near you ,-)

Hey, I want the smallest Smartphone on the world too ,-))) However my harbors are Germany and the US, so I am kind of stuck with waiting for it a little longer. However, some cool guy invented ebay and I suppose they will be poping up soon on there.

However I still got some question, maybe somebody can fill the whole with knowledge.

1. Just wondering if somebody knows when the Qtek is being thrown on the market? - I cant wait to get my hands on one of those sexy bitches.

2. Can somebody please confirm the processor speed?

3. I was wondering if sombody knew the prices for an unlocked (no contract) Qtek 8010 / C500.

Thanks a million, Max

Qtek8010 C500.jpg

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I know the processor is clocked at 200mhz but can't answer your other questions I'm afraid...

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