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New Settings Repository Section Launched

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With the help of MoDaCo's Technical Advisor martin we are pleased to announce our new and improved Settings Repository section for all your GPRS and WAP needs.

We have designed this new section to be user friendly with the settings you need sorted into Country or Network order.

MS Smartphone setup for GPRS requires the network specific data which can be found using the links below.

Settings by Network

Settings by Country

For instructions on how to set up these settings on your phone click HERE.

If there are any settings you know of that are missing from the list, please post them in the Phone Settings Topic and we can then add them to the new section.

Thank you martin for all your hard work in compiling this repository and helping many MoDaCo members in getting their phones on the net.


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Great initiative!

However, in the section for the Netherlands, there is a mistake in the Vodafone settings. Spelling should be VodaFone instead of VodaPHone.

Keep up the good work!

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Thank for the tip on the spelling :lol:

@ encece

The aim for this section is to keep it as a repository only, any questions regarding settings etc can still be posted in the original repository in the main Articles section.

This way all the information is in one place with out any clutter. I have wanted to do this for a while as the old topic was not organised in any way and getting too large to do a decent search through.

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