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Animated Homescreen Help Please...

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I just purchased, downloaded and installed the "HomeScreen animator". I can not seem to get it to work. It just displays a static image on the homescreen. I have went through the help forums, and read just about everything that I could find on the subject here in the forums. I did see that another user "Smartphone XP" has the same phone and problem.

Here is what I have done so far, Oh, BTW, I have an Audiovox SMt5600 Smartphone (WM 2003 Second Edition, so theoretically the plugin should work)


- Downloaded the executable version, and ran it from the PC and it synced to the Phone successfully.

- Copied River, Clouds and a couple others to a folder on the smartphone

- Used File Manager to browse to and run the .hme files

- Went to start, Homescreen, background and chose one of the newly installed screens, River.

- Clicked done and saved the settings

- Exited back to the homescreen. The screen shows the "river" plugin, but just as a static wallpaper.

- Checked the backlight options, and it is not set to "never" (Though through reading the newer version does not rely on this setting fo the animation)

- I rebooted the phone and still the wallpaper is static an not animated.

****** Meanwhile *****

I uninstalled the plugin from the smartphone, and copied the cab file to the smartphone, ran it, and installed it that way, copied a couple .hme files as mentioned above, installed, set homescreen through settings..... still nothing.

What am I missing here? As you can see, I read just about everything I could find on the forums, before having to make a post.

Also, there is NOWHERE to post problems, suggestions ect anywhere on the board for this plugin. Thus, I am posting in this general forum.

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I don't use Animated Homescreens, so I can't help you directly, but...

This particular Modaco forum is generally for issues/comments on Modaco itself

I'd re-post it in Help and Advice -or- Customisation - General Discussion

Or, perhaps the Mods can move this thread?

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