Mpx200 , Reception Bye Bye

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Hello .

First of all I would like to say that MPX200 sux :\

now for my question :

When i bought my MPX200 , it worked good , but the reception was poor .

Now , I dont have any reception at all ... WTF ?

no matter which sim i put inside , no matter where I Go , I dont get reception .

I tried reflashing the phone with 6000 different roms , i even tried WM V.0


anyone here had this problem ? :)

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Never knew there was 6000 roms around for the MPX200 :)

Flashing is unlikely to give you reception back, if the phone will not work with any SIM in it then it could be blocked due to it being reported stolen etc. Are these SIMs from other networks and so the phone is SIM unlocked?

Also where are you located? (just incase your flag is not correct for your location)

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First of all , the phone was purchased from eBay .

When i received it , it was unlocked, it worked for something like 2 months :\

The phone itself was from Orange Canada , I used Orange IL Sim , Cellcom IL sim , both of then worked .

on one ugly day , the receptino was gone for good :\

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