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M:Metrics problem

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Been running this metrics software for a few months now but recently came to some problems.

it seems to connect constantly now to the server via GPRS - and I dont use the phone much at all so no idea why it keeps connecting - I Dont even know how big my bill will be because of this!

Everytime I disconnect, 5 minutes later it reconnects...I've even left the GPRS connection on all day and night especially (even though my phone is on day and night) and makes no difference

I sent a PM to paul - didnt bother to reply (what have I done to you? :D ) and I then uninstalled the software. The support team contacted me saying that they have not recieved any data from me and to reply to the email if I have any problems - I did just that but no reply yet and that was 2 weeks ago.

What the hell is happening? I would like to be informed too you know.....

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that is correct :D I replied back to the email (As it said) stating why I uninstalled the software and the problems I was having, I then thought well maybe the software got corrupted or something, so I reinstalled it and still having the same issue

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