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Hello Peeps

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Hi all.

Yep I'm a newbie.

What a great site. Only problem is its addictive!

I have spent nearly 3 days looking round and trying the suggestions/downloads for my new Tmobile MDA Vario.

One of the problems I had was that with some downloads I was unsure where to save them to and then open them or what program is best to use with the certain file extensions.

Would it be possible to have a little fixed thread for newbies that no one can post on with a small list of file extensions and what kind of programs they are linked to and maybe a brief explanation on how to install them.

And maybe a list of essential programs that newbies could really do with as there are so many programs that do the same thing.

I know this is a big ask but it would certainly have helped me not install things to the wrong place and not be able to remove all the components and take up my memory! lol.

Sorry if I dribbled on a bit. And I know it would mean some extra work, But I think that it would help a lot of newbies to have this info in one place instead of having to trawl the forum.

Thanks for a great site.

Take care.


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Welcome to the site :rolleyes:

Although in need of a guide for Pocket PC's there is a thread HERE on file intallations for smartphones, they are basically the same (can't think of exact differences off the top of my head, but I'm sure other members of the community will be able to help).

As for software try looking through this thread and try out some of the software, 'tho the thread is quite long there are some good opinions in there.

unfortunatly i'm still waiting for my Vario II :( so cannot give you my prefered sofware list.

There is also a list for software here.

I know that you would like a pinned topic on getting started with pocket pc's, i'm sure there used to be one, but as a solely Smartphone user I cannot be sure.

I know this probably isn't much help, but just sit down and do a few searches there is a world of knowlegde in these pages, and best of luck with your Vario II - I can hardly wait for the 2nd week of October when mine arrives!

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Hi Ricardo. Thanks for the welcome and reply.

Thanks for the advice.

But that's the problem for newbies. they don't know a lot of things you point out. Like that smartphones generally operate the same as a ppc.

There are a lot of subheadings in this forum and that can be quite confusing.

For myself, as soon as I know where files need to go and how to install/remove them properly I'm ok.

Its also scarey knowing that if you do something wrong you might end up spending a while doing a hard reset.

Lucky I used to have the Nokia 6600 so have a fair idea dealing with SIS and RAR files.

Hope my comments help.

Take care.


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Sorry for another post. Workin off my MDA and could not see edit post.

Me exited for you Ricardo. I feel all warm an fuzzy when I get a new toy and open the box for the first time to see your new shiney thing lol. I bet your gonna explode lol!

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