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New CamerAware released!

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I am very excited to announce the first 2.x release of MoDaCo CamerAware, the Safety Camera alerting application for your Windows Mobile device!

Following on from a very successful initial launch, the new CamerAware release implements a whole host of new features and fixes primarily submitted via user feedback in the CamerAware forum.

The new release follows on from a great start to the month that has already seen several Camera database updates, and a number of incremental updates to 'CamerAware Tracker', the online viewer for uploaded journey data (see it in action on my data at http://www.modaco.com/tracker.php?mid=1&journey=1).

Full information about CamerAware can be found in the 'CamerAware Forum', the 'About CamerAware' topic or the 'Complete guide to getting started with CamerAware' topic.

You can download and install CamerAware for FREE, have a play, take advantage of the position uploading and tracking functionality, and then purchase a licence code at a later date should you wish to activate the Camera warning functionality!

I've included details on the new features in this version below, and a couple of new screenshots.

Enjoy... i'm off to write that Treo 750v review now :rolleyes:


Application version 2.061012

Feature Request: Added menu option for manual config of port / baud rate

Feature Request: New cameras can now be recorded, and existing Cameras updated

Feature Request: Logging is now still per minute, but each uploading includes up to 60 positions 1 second apart (beware data costs!)

Feature Request: Co-ordinates of current position can now be displayed for breakdown / emergency purposes

Feature Request: Database version is now displayed in about box

Feature Request: New voice alerts

Bug Report: Backlight now turns off correctly after passing a Camera

Bug Report: Cameras with no speed limit no longer show '0 mph limit'

Bug Report: 'Bring to front' now only occurs once per Camera

Bug Report: Skins with Landscape indicator panel attributes now function as desired

Completely rewritten GPS subsystem

GPS subsystem now takes advantage of WM5 GPS Intermediary Driver if present

Improved skins for VGA devices (HTC Univerals etc)

Auto bluetooth option is removed, due to reliability / compatability issues

Skin format tidied - existing skins will need to be updated

Additional skin elements added for Camera management


For this reason 2.x builds will not be deployed using autoupdate, and must be installed manually. Also for this reason, CamerAware 2.x is not compatible with Smartphone 2003 SE devices.



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The link is in the 'Complete guide to getting started with CamerAware', or, direct links:

Latest CamerAware build (always): http://www.modaco.com/content/cameraware/setup.exe

.net CF 2.0 SP1 (required on all pre-WM5 AKU3 devices): http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en



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Maybe I'm just really tired, but....It is very difficult for me to locate the download link.

Yep, deffo you because Paul posted the link in this thread. :rolleyes:

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