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Welcome Cingular 8525 users!

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I've had a few mails over the past couple of days from new Cingular 8525 owners - the Cingular variant of the HTC Hermes, so I thought i'd take this opportunity to point people in the direction of the relevant forum for the device!

Being a HTC Hermes Pocket PC variant, Cingular 8525 users can find everything they could possibly want for their new toy in the dedicated HTC Hermes section at http://Hermes.MoDaCo.com! With nearly 7,500 posts to catch up on, it should keep you busy :D

Particular highlights include...

...and of course there's much much more :)

I'm still using my Hermes too... so i'll see you there :P


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I was just at a Cingular store to replace a bad SIM. (First time that ever happened to me).

They didn't know anything about this phone nor the Blackjack (which I am drooling for). But that's not uncommon for store reps and CSR's.

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