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Extended ROM Empty

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Somehow I have mangaged to remove everything from my extended_rom area on my MDA Compact III.

I have a few of the files but not all, can anyone grab em off their device and let me have them?

The config file shows:



EXEC:\Windows\cusTSK.exe \Windows\T-Mobile.tsk

XML: \Windows\MP_MMS3.5_TMUK_Artemis_060829.xml

CAB: \Extended_ROM\MP_CVSDcpl_20060523-02.cab

CAB: \Extended_ROM\MP_MMS35_OMA_CP_PPC_060717.cab

CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_pIE_DefaultPage_TMO_UK.CAB **

XML: \Extended_ROM\PP_ExtVer.xml **

CAB: \Extended_ROM\SP_Tray117_1100.CAB

CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_RemoveBTlnk.cab **

CAB: \Extended_ROM\ST_CameraSensor.CAB


RST: Reset

I have the ones with ** next to them :)

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