Got my c550 joystick working again

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after buying a replacement keypad off ebay that had the same problem although it was supposed to be new i had a spare keypad to play about with.

i sprayed the joystick part with some screen cleaner (which i had already tried but it didnt work the first time)

then i got a soldering iron to the 6 solder joints on the joypad, i didnt add any solder just to re-melt the solder that was already there.

put it back into my phone and everything is working again.


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Nice to hear, interesting that the replacement was also faulty, did you ask for a refund?

Dry solder joints or cracks in the solder can be hard to spot.

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i didnt notice the dry joints but with a spare to play with i didnt have anything to lose, tried searching for a circuit diagram for the keypad so i could use my multimeter to i check properly to see wether it was the joypad itself or the pins in the connector but had no luck, so i tried all 6 connections on the joystick

i can play my games again (roll on virtual pool mobile)

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