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SMS Problems on SPV C550

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t121anf    0

my SPV C550 is a day out of warranty and is having issues with SMS.

Basically when i recieve SMS messages (not everyone) i can see the message content in the preview, but when i open the message its blank. if try to forward the message i can read it in full, just not when i open it normally :-(

further to this lately my phone sometimes just wont send messages, not a problem with network as if i cancel compose (saving to drafts doesnt work either on these sms's) and re-type hey presto it sends?

this is the software verions i have installed

System|About reads:

Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition

Version 4.21.1088 (Build 15159.2.6.4)

Radio Version 140.299.14_0.11.10

ROM update versions:



Microsoft 4.21.15159.0


File System 4.21.15159.0

is there any updates available?

is my only option a hard reset and suck it and see? (just what i need backing up all contacts, uncerting, unlocking, re-installing tomtom etc etc)

please help

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Disco Stu    0

There have been no ROM updates I'm aware of and I'd be inclined to hard reset.

Using Outlook to backup your Contacts, Calendar etc is always a good idea and the occassional hard reset is inevitable. Think of it as spring cleaning.

I'm doing all of mine at the moment . It's almost like getting a new phone. ;)

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