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File Name: LS-1...sorta

File Submitter: samawil

File Submitted: 12 Jun 2007

File Category: QVGA Computer

Hi...Here's my first postable HS.

I started off using one of DjOuBhAa's home screens (found here;id_type_tel=15 )


Removed smartmonitor and calendar plugin

Added facade and Startmenu

Tweaked both the portrait and landscape views and this is what I got.

Thanks DjOuBhAa for making such wonderful skins....

Hope you guys like what I did with it :rolleyes:


Click here to download this file

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great skin! im using it right now as my homescreen. only 1 thing. i like in the US, so is there any way to change the clock to a 12-hour clock? or maybe something in the xml code i can edit to do this?

i found the clock code, just cant find anything where you switch between 12 and 24 hours.


maybe if i switched it to rjtime rather than LCDplugin it would work..

EDIT: didnt work, only because the background shows the 88:88 behind the words.

well i had some fun trying but if u can help me with this it would be great! thanks.

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