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Qtek 9000 set up for UK vodafone

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I am having troubel getting everything working as it should be ... I have a vodafone paymonthly contract and can make and recieve calls.... both voice and video.

I can can get a data connection and get on the web.

I can recieve txt messages.

But I can't send text or multimedia messages.

With regard to MMS I have found various sites with the set up and under messaging MMS, settings, server I have set up the following:-

Server name VodafoneMMS


port 9201

server address http://mms.vodafone.co.uk/servlets/mms

sending size ltd to 250k

wap version 1.2

What I am not sure of is the connect via setting as the stuff I found on the web suggests I should have a vodafoneMMS option, but I have the following to choose from

My Work Network



Secure WAP network

The WAP Network

The Internet.....

Any ideas.

The lack of ability to send txt's has me completely stumped

Thanks for any help


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