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VOX_WMP Homescreen

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File Name: VOX_WMP Homescreen

File Submitter: paholman

File Submitted: 5 Jul 2007

File Category: Smartphone Homescreens QVGA

VOX_WMP Homescreen by paholman v1.0


This homescreen has been designed and tested on an SPV E650 (HTC VOX) only so I do not know if it will work with other WM6 Mobile smartphones.

I'm afraid I will not accept liability for any problems that arise from installing this homescreen on your device.

You install this homescreen at your own risk.

You will need the following plugins:-

- SmartMonitor - Download from here

- Skype - Download from here

- VOX WMP Media Plugin - Download from here

- FizzWeather - Download/Purchase from here

- Efficasoft GPRS Monitor (Special version v3.51w) - Download/Purchase from here

Installation instructions:

- Unzip WMP_VOX.zip to your PC into a temp folder

- Copy the entire VOX_WMP folder to Application DataHome on your device via ActiveSync

- Copy VOX_WMP.home.xml to Application DataHome on your device via ActiveSync

- Copy Application DataHomeVOX_WMPmpt_skin_l.xml to your Windows folder via ActiveSync

(this resolves an alignment problem with the "play icon" in landscape mode)

If you do not want to use the FizzWeather, Skype or GPRS Monitor Plugins, then you can edit VOX_WMP.home.xml and remove the references to those plugins.

Also available from here: http://www.modaco.com/VOX-WMP-Homescreen-t256744.html

I hope you like it :))

Click here to download this file

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