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Rom SMT5600

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Hi, I´ve bought an Audiovox SMT5600, and I´d like to change its ROM. I´ve read the ROM of the SP3 has a better use of battery, it works more time. Apart from that, I´m spanish, and I´d like to get a ROM wich had this language. At this moment, I have no preferrences between WM2003 and WM5, but I´d like to try both. I´ve downloaded somo ROMs, but I´m not able to change. I´ve success changing the CID, and with this I got make a backup of my original ROM, but now, I think I´ve to change the SPL (I have SPL 2.05.0040). I´ve read that I´ve to have SPL 1. Can I do that? It´s possible? I have more data, IPL 1.00, and when I turn on my smartphone, it wrote I´d like somebody want help me. Thank you in advance, and sorry for my poor English.

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