Blackjack II to be released VERY SOON!!!

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I was searching around AT&T's website and finally found the preliminary product page for the Blackjack II. I'm ready to jump back to Windows Mobile Standard from having used a HTC Touch for several the imminent release of the Blackjack II has come just in time! Check out the spec highlights. This one should be a keeper!

There is no hope that the proprietary USB connection was changed to a standard mini USB but Let's hope battery life has been addressed! (fingers crossed!)

Introducing our triple threat - the BlackJack ™ II by Samsung. It's sleeker, smarter, and even easier to use than the original. Now with Windows Mobile® 6, faster 3G download speeds, a larger 2.4" display screen, and a stylish look, it's the device all other smart devices want to be.

The new, improved BlackJack™ II takes the beauty and brilliance of the successful BlackJack ™ to a whole new level. With a sleek new design, front jog wheel for easier scrolling, international roaming with tri-band HSDPA, 2.0 megapixel camera, and GPS support, this is the only mobile device you will ever need. The BlackJack™ II is available in 2 colors - black and wine red

BlackJack™ II supports all the messaging, productivity, and multimedia features of the original BlackJack™, plus introduces support for Video Share Calling.

Features & Benefits
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 standard — stay connected with calendar, email, to-do list and more
  • Tri-band HSDPA/quad-band EDGE world phone — work from virtually anywhere at 3G speeds
  • Large 2.4" 65K TFT display screen — enjoy easier reading with the large display
  • Integrated GPS — find your next destination quickly with TeleNav Maps or TeleNav GPS Navigator™
  • Microsoft Office Mobile® — access Word®, Excel®, or view PowerPoint® files
  • 2.0 megapixel camera and video recorder — capture and share great moments
  • Stereo Bluetooth® 2.0 connectivity — experience true hands-free communication
  • Embedded Mobile Instant Messenger supporting Yahoo!®, AOL®, and Windows Live™
  • AT&T Video & AT&T Music — stream music and video in real time
  • Video Share Calling — talk on the phone and share live video instantly
  • Embedded RSS Reader Client — customize news feeds direct to your device
  • QWERTY keyboard with front jog wheel

Consider the BlackJack™ II with a plan that offers easy access to personal email for as low as $29.99 (20 MB) or step up to the PDA Max plan with unlimited data and 1500 text/IM/MMS messages for only $39.99.

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mr._mobile    0

i think its cool i didnt liek the blackjack but the second one seems nice im just so used to typing on the dash that its gonna take me a while to adjust to new hardware

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chucky.egg    0

I absolutely loved my Blackjack, but after about 6 months I gave up on it because of the battery life. It was like the bad old days of the SPVs.

I've just got a Touch (gawd bless mini-USB sockets!) and to be honest I can't see me getting another Samsung any time soon

For that matter I can't see me going back to Smartphone/Standard any time soon - I had no idea that the same size battery in my Vox (which lasted a day) would last 2-3 days in my Touch.

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J273    0

Im looking forward to the i780 with WM6 pro.

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