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Excalibur 02 UK Settings.

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Hi there, I had problems getting the o2 UK Pay&G GPRS and MMS settings, they had to send me the 'contract' settings which weren't much help as they were for WM Pro and everything is in a different place and they didn't include the MMS settings.

Could anybody provide me with the o2 GPRS and MMS settings for Pay&G UK?

Thanks very much :(

This was what I received

XdaII Manual Setup - GPRS WAP (Prepay)

Tap Start > Settings

Tap 'Connections' tab

Tap 'Connections' icon

Under 'My Work Network' tap 'Manage existing connections'

Tap 'Edit'

The 'Select a modem:' drop-down box should be set to 'Cellular Line (GPRS)'

Tap 'Next'

Access Point Name: payandgo.o2.co.uk

Tap 'Next'


Password: password

Domain: leave blank

Tap 'Advanced'

On the 'TCP/IP' tab, only 'Use server-assigned IP address' should be selected

Tap the 'Servers' tab

Only 'Use server-assigned addresses' should be selected

Tap 'OK'

Tap 'Finish'

Tap 'Proxy Settings' tab (*Note, the soft keyboard may be hiding this tab - tap the keyboard icon at bottom right to clear this away)

Ensure that 'This network connects to the Internet' box is ticked

Ensure that 'This network uses a proxy server to connect to the Internet' box is ticked

Tap 'Advanced'

In the 'WAP' field (Server) enter:

In the field to the right of this (Port) enter: 9201

Tap 'OK' and exit

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