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web sites for my HTC

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That's a very big question with so-o-o-o many variables!

Pocket IE will display any website you point it at. Obviously, some pages are 'too big' and need to be viewed using slider bars which can be inconvenient. Pages via Google are automatically resized for the PPC screen but much of the rich content is removed too, such as background colours. Flash content can be tricky and although there's a flash player for PIE, I haven't had much success with it myself.

There's a mobile version of YouTube now, which uses the Streaming Player embedded in WM operating system. That can help while away the hours.

It really all depends on what you want... if you fancy streaming TV there's a whole host of channels at Streaming PDA - mainly Dutch but plenty in English too. Make sure you've got unlimited data or an active wifi connection first though or your bills will be enormous.


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Then that's the only one you need then :(

Nuff said :D


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