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Hermes not making ringing noise...

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UKalieninUS    0

So I spend most of my time in the US, occasionally in the UK, so switch between US and UK sim cards in my HTC TTyN. All's been fine, until about a month ago. After doing a switch between the UK to US sim card my phone now does not ring.

The phone knows there's an incoming call - it pops up a message on the screen, and if I see said message I can answer and speak to the caller.

But... it doesn't ring, nor vibrate.

Yes, I have the volumes turned up.

Otherwise the phone is working flawlessly. I can phone out, use speakerphone, test different ring-tones, play music etc, if I see an incoming-call message on the screen I can answer, but usually I'm not spending 24 hours a day looking at my phone.

I've gone through the settings to check it's not on silent, etc. it's not.

I've done a soft-reset - didn't help.

I did a hard reset, and before installing anything else rang the phone - but it's still not ringing nor vibrating, only gives a message on the screen.

Any idea what I do about this? A phone that doesn't know how to make a noise when an incoming call happens is pretty much useless to me.

I've not installed any new software on the thing in about 6 months (I do have WM6 on it), so I don't think this change is due to me changing something in the last month - as the hard reset would have caught that.

Am open to ideas on how to rescue the phone... thanks...

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jchamier    1
Am open to ideas on how to rescue the phone... thanks...

Welcome to MoDaCo!

Give the HTC USA customer service a call, see what they suggest, its 24 hours at 866-449-8358, which is toll free.

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