lost an unlocked m700 now found it again

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Hi all,

I while ago i lost my spv m700 which was unlocked so i could use any network

I was given a replacement a I presume Orange did their security stuff.

I have just found it again and wondered if i could actually use it on a different network eitherin the uk or abroad or is it likely to be totally locked down


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Stick your sim in it and see if it is barred

thats the thing.

the only simi have is orange and it doesnt work on that

i was hoping to avoid a fiver to get a payg sim just to test it out


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I would be surprised that it would not be blacklisted. Once it is blacklisted it will not work in the UK.

As you have been given a replacement, the phone you found technically belongs to Orange and should be returned to them.

If you do not give or notify them that the phone has been recovered you could be stepping in the relm of fraud if you decide to keep or sell the device, even though initially it was an honest mistake.

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