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Headphones and 2.5/3.5mm adapters for the Q9c

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A while back I had a problem with finding a headset that doubled as a wired headphone (for music) and a hands-free headset. The adapters and headphones I tried all produced some kind of echo on phone calls.

Since then I've bought two Bluetooth stereo headsets and am pretty happy with them (though my MOTO S9 will sometimes cut out of music for a few seconds while I am jogging, don't know why). However the battery life of these things can be short. I like using them at work when it gets too noisy, which is often. So I'm constantly running out of juice. Even though I do have a travel charger for both headsets, I'd like to switch back to something wired and perhaps something that can fit in my pocket.

I've restarted my search for wired headphones for my Q9c. I don't need a microphone. I just want to be able to use headphones with my phone.

I bought an iBrand or iLife-brand adapter at fye last week (5 bucks, good deal), but unfortunately found that it only gives me sound through the right earbud of my headphones.

Next up was a Palm-brand adapter I bought from Amazon that good good reviews. Same crappy end-result.

Later on in the day I purchased the red version of Motorola's mini-USB headphones. I tried them in the parking lot of the Best Buy, and my phone didn't even recognize them. Funny since Moto does all they can to block you from using unlicensed third-party accessories in the mini USB, and it won't even recognize it's own headphones.

THEN, I went to another FYE and bought a kit of adapters, including the 2.5 to 3.5 mm adapter, by Maxell. I did this purely to torture myself. Still only get audio from the right bud.

I've done research online on the matter and am a bit overwhelmed at everyone's problems and some of their solutions. I don't believe I've come across anyone else having this problem with a Q9c, so I'm leery of trying out solutions for someone else's phone or model. I know there's a lot of accessories and a lot of stores, but it seems like a YMMV situation where one thing may work for someone, but maybe not for someone else.

So I turn to the community and ask YOU what you're using - a set of mobile earbuds, or an adapter with your preferred headphones? Or are you using something through the mini-USB port? Please provide any links if possible.

This is the Q9c, WM 6.1 and I believe the latest update.

Thank you all for your help.

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