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Incoming calls go straight to voicemail

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I have an unlocked UK G1 with a BT sim

Everything is working well, including apps, gps, email and outgoing calls however.....

all incoming calls either fail or go straight to voicemail. The fact that someone tried to call is registered in the Dialer, Call log though.

I tried a different sim - an orange one - registered with the orange network, and got the same issue only this time callers were sent to the orange voicemail service.

Any ideas anyone please?

Im guessing it is a feature of the phone to send calls to voicemail BUT I cannot see how to disable this. I have been into settings> Call Settings >Call Forwarding >Always forward

and tried diabling/enabling that but it does not help

to compromise I have set the Always forward to my home number so then at least people calling my G1 can get me if Im home.

any more suggestions are welcome thanks.

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