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02 - Diamond 2 [Topaz] - Blackberry Connect Issues

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Okay, lets start with the good news, finally took the plunge and grabbed a Diamond 2 via the offer on mobiles.co.uk, overall very pleased with the handset, with some minor tweaks its working just fine, a few things to resolve to get it sorted as I would want.

One of the issues still to be resolved is Blackberry Connect integration which is not currently working, I need to expand a little on how it had been working for me before the Diamond 2 arrived in my letterbox.

I've been running Blackberry Connect on my Kaiser for a while now, works very well, I was supplied instantemail (T-Mobile) access to Blackberry email service, handset never failed to connect and due to the open nature of T-Mobiles' very good web & walk service never paid any extra data charges in the UK, my PAC transfer happened on Friday and as T-Mobile closed my network access on that day.

I have subscribed to unlimited internet/Blackberry access via O2, currently I have not managed to log on to this service using the Diamond 2, I have tried the following BB Connect WM clients: (handset fails to boot !)

The BB Connect Identity tab shows PIN as "Pending" & I.P Address as "No Connection", if I use the "Register Now" tab on the utility tab its connects for a couple of seconds, returns an I.P then just returns to the state above.

O2 tech support have not been that useful although I sort of understand my problem is not a normal one...

I thought my problem was a network issue, although I took the O2 sim out of the Diamond 2 and placed it in the Kaiser and that then proceeded to download all my T-Mobile instantemail that had arrived on that account since Friday, due to this can I assume the network is not the issue ?

My questions are, what is a fault ?

  • Handset ?
  • Blackberry Connect ?
  • 02 Network ?
  • Blackberry BIS Server ?

Last question, the deal with O2 is Blackberry service and "unlimited internet", I checked by online bill yesterday and had £15 worth of data charges, seems the unlimited part is only if you connect via blackberry browser, does that also mean I'm lumped with the very poor P.I.E as a browser as opposed to either of the Opera products or Skyfire ?

Any help/assistance gratefully accepted :D

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I have the same problem with my T-Mobile MDA Compact V (HTC Topaz/Diamond2). On my MDA Compact IV the Blackberry Connect Software works fine, but on the Topaz i get no pin and connection. The Problem seems to be the handset.

Any help/assistance gratefully accepted, too <_<

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