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Incoming call window

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I have had a problem with the incoming call window on my X1 for a while now (running R2A), and have just upgraded to the new R3A ROM.

Unfortunately I still appear to have the problem !

When I receive an incoming call, a window pops up telling me who is ringing. The only problem is that it is set too low on the screen so that not all the text is readable, and if there is picture of the caller, this is only half visible !

I remember this working under R2A some time ago, and thought a new version of ROM, plus hard reset would cure the problem.

Now I can only assume it is related to one of the applications that I run. SPB Mobile shell panel perhaps ??

Has anyone else ever seen this / fixed it ?


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My friend Niki got another problem about incoming call. When she received the incoming call, her X1 couldn't show the picture of the contact. Anyone here can fix it? :)

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