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Backing Up Data for Flashing

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LessThanSte    0

Im finally getting around, 12 months after getting the phone, to updating the ROM/Radio. I want to backup data first but im not sure 1) which software to use (it wont let me get Sprite from the HTC website) and 2) what will actually be wiped!

My diamond, i guess like others, has an inbuilt storage card. Does any of the data on there get wiped? Is it purely the stuff thats in My Documents that gets wiped? The safest way i guess would be to simply transfer all of the data from the diamond (including everything on the storage card) onto my pc so its safe on the hard drive and then copy across anything i need. Will this work (particularly for contacts etc, or are they stored somewhere else?)

Bit vague, sorry!

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andybarker    17

Whenever I have updated mine, the Storage Card contents are not affected. So I simply reinstall the apps I had (not many), and sync with my Outlook for contacts, email, etc.

For me, a pretty simple process without any backup software other than activesync

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