Need a Password manager, data safe

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chucky.egg    0

Hi guys

Any recommendations on a "Password Manager" application?

I need to store various things, not just passwords:

Email Account settings (username, password, address)

Router settings (SSID, IP, ADSL user, ADSL pass, Router user, Router pass, WEP key)

Domain details (name, host, renewal date, username, password, FTP user, FTP pass)

So you see it's not a simple "website, username, password" thing

I'd also really like it to be able to import records (ideally from Handy Safe, but CSV will do)

I've tried a couple and been underwhelmed, so looking for advice.

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faphillips    0

SplashID without a doubt. Very reliable with excellent wireless sync to PC. Had CodeWallet Pro on my Windows Mobile 6 phone which I used for a few years but Splash ID is much better. Not so much customisation i.e. including logos for Credit Cards but excellent nonetheless.

Only downside is that you have to pay but I think its worth it.

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deeone    0

SplashID for sure dude, it's an excellent application. I've been using it for three months now and it's way better than the other apps, also for the chance to syncronize your desktop client with your mobile one :)

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