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Model Name - A853, A855 or something else?

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Hi there.

I live in Brazil and bought a Brazillian Milestone. After installing the motorola tools I found out my Milestone's model name is A853 (an Icon showed up on my desktop that says A853 Milestone, and that's also the model on the Brazillian website).

Now I'm wondering what's the European model. I know the Droid is A855, so is there an A854?

I ask this because I'm worried about updates. Motorola is obviously the Droid, since it got the 2.0.1 update a while ago. Maybe it's because the Droid has sold more than the Milestone, maybe it's because Verizon is pressing them harder them anyone else. It doesn't matter.

The 2.0.1 is said to be coming soon for the Milestone. But my fear is this: If the Brazillian milestone is different than the European, it's possible that the European update won't be compatible with my Milestone. Therefore it'd take even longer for me to get an update.

If that happens, it'll probably happen with everything else: The 2.1 update and further updates.

Also, if they're different, that mean the Brazillian Milestone would have to be rooted separately from the European one. For a platform that's supposed to be easily rooted, it sure is taking a long time for it to happen. And this sucks a lot to me, since the Android Market that I can access only contains free apps, and Market Enabler is only usable on a rooted device.

There is one evidence that points to them being different: Moto's website claims the Brazillian Milestone is a quad band GSM (850/900/1800/1900) and tri band 3g: (850/1900/210), while the European has 900 3g instead of the 850.

I have yet to confirm this, since my service provider uses the 850 3g band in my city, but I haven't seen the 3g icon yet. I don't have a data plan yet, so I'm always on wifi (APNDroid), but my old N95-3 did connect through 3g (it supports 850).

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