Debranding T-Mobile Touch G2

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Bertles    0

Hi folks,

Just acquired a T-Mobile Touch G2 which I believe is an HTC Hero GSM?

I've replaced the screen, got it booted and it had the security pattern on it (bought on eBay typical!).

Did a hard reset, all good, just waiting on a free T-Mobile sim to access apps and the home screen.

At that point I want to:

(a). Debrand it completely and have the stock HTC ROM

(b.) Unlock it to other UK network providers (specifically Tesco/O2/Orange)

For (a) I have downloaded the "" ROM, is this the latest and will it debrand the phone removing the T-Mobile crap? Is there a walkthrough for doing this anywhere? Do I need any apps for my XP machine?

For (b.) I'm guessing a ROM won't remove service provider locks, and I'll need to buy a code? Would eBay be the cheapest place for this?

Thanks for any help at all, and don't hold back I'm not a numpty (I'm actually a software dev!) just a noob to the Android world...

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ptruman    0
Any help at all, just point me in the right direction please folks?

Do a forum search - there are several how to threads on unlocking and re-flashing ;)

(I wrote one, there's a search clue)

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