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Theming MoDaCo - With Stylish for Chrome And Firefox

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Hello all! Sorry if this is in the wrong place ! :P

Going on a generally mad theming rampage I have decided to theme everything, my wii, xp, my beloved zte blade...

And well now I've discovered stylish for chrome I want to theme modaco!

Now somebody has made a grey theme here: http://userstyles.org/styles/39999/modaco-com-change-to-grey

Its not much, but its a start :rolleyes:

By default it only effects windows [email protected]:

By editing the theme in stylish you can apply it to android.modaco.com etc: and it will work with other sections of MoDaCo.

I've edited the theme so MoDaCo has a black background: but now I want to get to work on the blue aswell <_<

Unfortunately: I don't do CSS...

Just leaving this idea open to the community to see if anyone else wants to carry on etc, see what we can do :(

Quick preview: post-812039-1306059544_thumb.jpg

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