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Stephen Hyde

[ROM][RC1] Honeystreak HD7 2.0

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Update 19/07/11

Updated to 3.2 based off xoom dump.

fixed internal memory mount

stock lcd density now 120

Update 27/06/11

Modified Launcher to fix the issues with icon layout in app list.

Dropped in the ril library from beta 2, may help with 4g but i doubt it. - check settings > about > status and report the network type please

Modified Build prop and permissions to match a 3.1 xoom so market should work better





Please feel free to donate to my work if you find it useful :D - any amount is appreciated

GBP Donate | USD Donate

all donations strongly appreciated at moment im tight for cash :(

yep thats right folks, i am proud to announce my first beta of android 3.1 aka honeycomb for the streak7

Dont ask how ive managed it because its far to complicated to explain, the kernel alone is a right bodge job and just barely working - courtesy of a mate of mine for that one

ok now for the techy part

Based on Android 3.2 - 3.2 google apps working

everything works and seems stable EXCEPT FOR USB MOUNTING.

performance is INSANE

NO OVERCLOCK ability as yet.

fully rooted and root adb

What Works

Everything that i know of

What Doesn Work/Known Issues

Some reported lockups requiring reset but ive not seen personally

Video Chat works in gtalk but sound is one way, the other person can hear you but you cant hear them, havent worked out why yet

usb mounting doesn work, but transfering data through wifi should

internal storage is mounted under /sdcard and external sd is mounted in /mnt/external1 - you can access both dirs using most file managers - tested with es file manager

ok now thats out the way we come to the complicated part .... installing it

now this build cant just be flashed through clockwork recovery as it needs to update some critical parts of the device including the primary and secondary bootloaders. so if you try flashing this i suggest making sure streak is FULLY charged and if using a laptop make sure it is connected to the mains power also for safety reasons.

also be aware that you CANNOT just use a pkg to downgrade to 2.2.2 you have to use the nvflash tutorial found at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1018809&highlight=nvflash to go back to the 2.2.2 bootloaders and then you can place the latest update.pkg on your external sd card named as update.pkg and flash it using recovery to get back to 2.2

the software we use to do this is called NVFlash and involves booting the streak7 into whats called APX mode. those of you who have read the streak5 forums can think of nvflash as being the same sort of thing as QDLTool for Streak5.

Install Instructions:

1. Download the streakdroid zip from below, this contains all the files and drivers required to flash your device to honeycomb

2. Extract the zip to a folder on your pc - I recommend c:\flash and will use that path in this example

3. Backup your streak7 internal storage if you have not already as it WILL BE WIPED

4. Backup your streak7 internal storage if you have not already as it WILL BE WIPED

5. Backup your streak7 internal storage if you have not already as it WILL BE WIPED

6. Turn off your 7 and unplug the usb cable from it, then hold BOTH volume keys down and connect the usb cable, if done correctly your pc should detect the apx device. choose to update the driver, choose the second option then let me choose from a list, choose have disk then navigate to c:\flash\usbpcdriver and choose the only one it shows (Nvidia boot recovery driver for mobile devices)

7. Double click the Download.bat file in the c:\flash directory and wait a while it will take some time depending on the speed of your pc and usb ports.

8. Once the box disappears hold down power on your 7 untill dell logo appears (can take a little while) then wait for a few mins for some honeycomb tasting goodness.

Download Link(Primary Mirror): http://mirror2.streakdroid.com/honeycomb/Streakdroid-HD7-2.0RC1.zip

Thanks go to:

Hellzya for sending me his Streak7 and testing this out

Graffixnyc For testing and tormenting devs for help :)

The A-Team and devs @ www.tabletroms.com for helping with the honeycomb port in first place, parts of this are still from the notion ink adam honeycomb build I help with, this build is also posted up over their and ill be supporting it in both places

Please feel free to donate to my work if you find it useful :D - any amount is appreciated

GBP Donate | USD Donate

all donations strongly appreciated at moment im tight for cash :(


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