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Important, u8800 overcharges?

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For example if i leave all night charging, does it damage the battery? Some batteries after fullycharged, they wont charge anymore. What about u8800?

And what happens if i charge while phone is open and not fully empty? Does it damage?

My charge lasts 16 hours, why is it? I dont use wifi, games, etc. Please help

(I did not do any rom differences or overclock.)

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NeostarNeko    7

After charging mine lasts for about 2-3 days on standby with both wifi and bluetooth off.

As for what happens if you leave it to overcharge...mine gets kinda not really sure :unsure:

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Cirno    2

Any help?

Yeah, if you have noticed that from 2008, they changed the functionality of phones i guess?

So normally you can't over charge but you can break the charger itself, as the voltage regulator works to minimize the output to the phone.

I am pretty sure it will be somewhat worn out, but not to get broken?

I don't recommend you let it continue charge after it charged to 100%.

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Most people say advanced android phones have function to break the voltaga to phone but i am not sure too. I downloaded 2 programs about that, overcharger and ecocharge. Theydont satisfy me but i will use them.

ANd some people say charging from usb is better and charging usually keeps battery healhier. For example %40 battery but charge it.

And charging should stop before reaching %100. What do you think of these ideas?

Mine is now %40 for 12 hours and i did not do anything.

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