Hello after few tries i discovered way to increase resolution of video from ZTE Blade on CM7. You need hacked phone to do that. 1. Connect your phone to PC and start ADB debugging 2. Use adb connect to connect your phone to debug console 3. adb pull /system/etc/media_profiles.xml 4.edit media_profiles.xml in some text editor and change resolution <EncoderProfile quality="high" fileFormat="mp4" duration="60"> <Video codec="h263" bitRate="2000000" width="800" height="480" frameRate="30" /> <Audio codec="aac" bitRate="48000" sampleRate="16000" channels="1" /> <VideoEncoderCap name="h263" enabled="true" minBitRate="64000" maxBitRate="2000000" minFrameWidth="176" maxFrameWidth="800" minFrameHeight="144" maxFrameHeight="480" minFrameRate="1" maxFrameRate="30" /> 5. save it 6. type adb remount 7. type adb push media_profiles.xml /system/etc/media_profiles.xml 8.reboot your phone 9. Try to take video in new resolution :-) This also allow LG camera application to work properly