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Could this be made to work on VegaComb?

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My only bugbear with VegaComb (which just went into orbit with the 8.1 fixes) is Google hogging all that space with a Status bar.


Shows an development to toggle the status bar.

Could the project be amended to work on VegaComb?

Didn't work for me, does it work for you?

(Warning there are some posts saying once it is installed it remains stuck at its download location so do some reading before you run the .apk ,

also the download is sent as a .html file - simply rename it to .apk and it seems to be recognised just fine.

Im not asking anyone to install this. I am just looking for a method to toggle status bar - you have been warned.)

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Hi mrgum,


This widget works great for what you want to do. I have been using it for the last few builds.

Thanks to xantras for pointing it out.

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Thanks richardmlea, this does what i was after.

Most games work full screen now but you can still get some funny results when watching things like iplayer.

Still icons are removed, all good.

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