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Wiped SD card - need original files to mount sd card

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After a factory reset, I also wiped the contents on the SD card and since then I am unable to mount it when I connect it to the computer through USB. As it seems from a number of forum posts




it seems that some files are needed internally in the sd card which I don't have anymore. I tried loading the usb drivers folder to the card, to no avail. Could someone navigate to his/her sd card and find these files? I remember that when I used to connect the phone to the computer a window was popping up to select either Pc suite or usb storage or something else and then I could access the contents of the card (this should be the PcOptions.exe file) but apart from that maybe some more files are needed? I tried looking all over and googling about, but had no luck. Any help appreciated.

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OK I fixed it on my own after all. I don't know exactly what the solution is, but the following are useful to give you hints:

The necessary file are here: http://www.4shared.c...iN/autorun.html

or alternatively here: http://www.mediafire...4wd3gpmqeopv1si

Then try these steps, but instead of using the "cdrom" folder, use the autorun.iso (I am not sure which location should be copied to, because I tried several at the same time)


Hope that is useful for others as well.

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