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04 Nov ICL23D - Galaxy Nexus boot / recovery / system dump

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The Android world is funny you know.

Often I come across releases, beta tests, development builds and suchlike that I can't share at all, sometimes I am given builds that I can share with some changes, and sometimes I have files that my sources allow me to share in their entirety. It's a sad fact of some of the community today that this concept seems to difficult for some to understand. Their thinking is simply that if you have something, you should share it, forget the responsibilities towards your sources etc., they just want what they want. It's a shame, but today i'm pleased to have something that I CAN share...

Below are links to a ICL23D Ice Cream Sandwich development build for the Galaxy Nexus!

Some points to note about the files...

  • All 3 files are completely stock and unedited

  • This build is a dev build, not a release build

  • This build is from a test Galaxy Nexus

  • This build is not odexed!

I know a lot of people are hacking up ports for other devices, so hopefully the non-odexed nature of this release together with the fact it includes the boot and recovery images will help make that happen.

All I ask is that you don't mirror the files elsewhere, that you link back to this topic rather than deeplinking the files and that if you use them you credit the source. So here they are...

  • Galaxy Nexus ICL23D boot image - REMOVED BY REQUEST

  • Galaxy Nexus ICL23D recovery image - REMOVED BY REQUEST

  • Galaxy Nexus ICL23D system image (tar.gz) - REMOVED BY REQUEST

Enjoy! :)

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Long time no speak (your twitter link is broken btw!)


Yes it has been awhile, link fixed

Edited by Drizzy

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Download links:-

Galaxy Nexus ICL23D boot image-Download

Galaxy Nexus ICL23D recovery image-Download

Galaxy Nexus ICL23D system image (tar.gz)-Download


Where it wud be placed like ?

System image in to PDA section

Boot Image in to Bootloader section

Recovery Image ?

Correct me if i m wrong ... And It wud be used by ODIN3 ?

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Please don't circulate the files via our forum, as it says above they were removed on request, if we can't provide them here the chances are you can't either :-)

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