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Titas    16

Fellow ROM addicts, Some positive news - tilal today requested some info. - the post below is copied from the Skate forum.

I have done my best with a first response but if anyone more knowledgeable cares to chip in or correct me then I'm sure that will help to move things forward!

Posted Today, 10:52 PM

tilal6991, on 13 February 2012 - 10:28 PM, said:

Could you just post a few details first? Is the kernel source available? And could you link a stock rom?

Tx for the reply - I'm no expert but I'll check out the Crescent forum re. kernel source.

Here's a link to the stock roms, though I read that there are some newer ones posted on ZTE's site

Stock ROMs for ZTE Blade 2/Orange San Francisco II/T-Mobile Vivacity

All relevant info / files on kernel source here - Link to forum topic http://android.modac...e-for-crescent/

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PsYcHoKiLLa    58

Could one of the other, more knowledgeable in the art of the Crescent, developers furnish Tilal with these details?

He seems to be almost complete on the Skate, only thing missing now is the camera, tethering works but is not fluid yet, OpenGL HW acceleration is fully working, which, apparently, is the first third party phone to achieve this.

All developers working together can only benefit the entire community :)

Many Thanks!!

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