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Notification Priorities / Placements

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I am using the latest (ir10) MoDaCo rom on my GSM Galaxy Nexus.

I have installed Widgetsoid and made a widget for my notification bar, which is all fine because it always stays at the top of the bar. (i think this was made to do it in the rom, by Paul)

The problem is, i also have Juice Defender installed, which has its own permanent notification entry.

I would like it to always be the second in the list, below my Widgetsoid widget, but it does not do this.

Right now, in my notification pull down, i have in this order:


Words with Friends

Low on space

Juice Defender


Well, Widgetsoid stays at the top *most* of the time. (see 2nd screenshot)

Is it possible for me to change a file to make Juice Defender stay below Widgetsoid?


OK, Widgetsoid seems to move from the top on quite a few occasions. (see 3rd screenshot)




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