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4+ Inch Display to come with iPhone 5

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It has emerged that the iPhone 5 will feature a mouth-watering 4+ inch display screen, amongst other features that will undoubtedly please Apple lovers and technology enthusiasts alike. So what are the expected features of the iPhone 5 and is it worth waiting for its impending release at the expense of the 4S?

A Massive Screen

4+ inches is a pretty massive size for a phone screen; and this can have both positive and negative side effects. Human beings have forever had a preoccupation with size and generally, a bigger screen looks better and offers greater usage capabilities. However, too big a screen limits the mobility of a phone and increases its weight, turning a sleek device into an awkward machine. It will be interesting to see how Apple manages this balance, between preventing the iPhone from being clunky and giving fans a dazzling greater sized screen.

4G LTE Data Connectivity

Another balancing act Apple would have anticipated struggle in overcoming is the inclusion of 4G LTE data connectivity, without losing their proud feature of reliable, extended battery life. This was most probably a hard head scratching conundrum, but one that seems to have been dealt with in the company’s latest iPad model; which offered 4G capabilities without any noticeable impact upon its battery life. Excitingly for fans, it’s likely that this secret which lies within the iPad 3 will be included in Apple’s latest iPhone model.

Different Form

While being aesthetically beautiful, one of the problems with the iPhone 4 was the liability its exterior had to cracking when dropped, due to its all glass front and back. Rumours have it that the problems this caused for owners of the phone, have led those higher up in Apple to discard such a design in their latest model; instead favouring of a more durable and solid exterior.

Near Field Communication Technology (NFC)

Apple were condemned by critics for not including near-field communication technology or NFC in their previous release. NFC is the establishment of radio communication, which will allow the iPhone to replace smart cards and pay for many things from shopping to travel fares. It also allows for file transfer between two NFC devices and can connect to cars. The possibilities that can be achieved through NFC are endless, with its capabilities likely to increase over time. That it’s included in the iPhone 5 then, is something very exciting indeed.

Do I Wait?

So the only question that remains is, when will this bad boy hit be released; and is it worth waiting for it at the expense of not choosing to buy the iPhone 4S? Well, that my friend is a tricky one. The iPhone 5 will undoubtedly be the greater of innovations, and if one has the patience, then waiting for its release – likely to be in the summer – is the best option. However, there will always be improvements and innovations in technology, and once the iPhone 5 arrives, it won’t be too long until word spreads about version 6 and so forth. Furthermore, with the impending arrival of the iPhone 5, there exists a very tempting collection of cheap iPhone 4S deals across stores and the internet. Thus those looking for a canny bargain won’t go too wrong in making a late acquisition for the 4S.

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