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iBravoSE: Wonderful App Search Websit

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We released BravoSE which is a popular app search client among Android users. Through our efforts of several months, iBravoSE.com is online today. Besides retaining the major features of BravoSE, iBravoSE.com increases more information of apps and enhance interactive experience. iBravoSE also allow users to share apps to SNS, like Facebook.

Our aim is to become an app search and discovery platform of high quality. We have developed a creative scenario-based service which can change the way of app recommendation and improve recommendation accuracy. In addition, the search service for iOS and Windows phone OS will be available later.

If you’re looking for a way to search apps easily or you want to experience wonderful app recommendation service, there is no doubt that iBravoSE is your best choice. The website and the mobile client complement each other and make up the integrated app search system together, which will bring people more awesome apps.

In future, we will think more about how to construct a good communication platform between users and developers, improve the quality of developed apps and help developers to promote their apps efficiently.

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