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Removal of the theme I was using.

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It seems I have been forced back to the horrible web 2.0 diarrhea version of the site.

I have a great deal of difficulty using that style stuff. (The original modaco theme or the old classic one worked just fine.)

Not bothered whatsoever about looks (In terms of eye candy anyway or pictures).

Also advantage of improving accessability for others like people using screen readers.

I suppose tapatalk in a VM is the other option if there is no DRM I can just pull it from the phone.

Cannot be bothered using greasemonkey for this site I will just stop using it.

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There was a big update to the site last week.

One of the key aims was to address the issues raised after the last update - its faster, less graphics intensive, better on both wide and small screens and has a button in topic to go 'minimalist', with the aim being to provide one skin to cater to all users. The new skin is much closer to a 'stock skin' than what we used before.

Please elaborate on what doesn't work for you and we'll see if we can fix it!


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I have thought about this quite a bit today.

I think it is the contrast between black and white.

(I cannot use google with the black bar either)

Just a really simple change to the colour scheme might be all that is needed. (Change the black to a light grey maybe).

The rest of it is probably too much effort but it would make my life quite a bit easier. If the black could be changed to maybe the light grey that is used on the Back to top -> Report -> MultiQuote -> Quote.

That might make all the difference for me.

I understand I probably in the minority (I cannot use the new gmail web interface either makes what took me before with text 5 seconds about 5 mins (Perhaps that is Googles plan to make people see more ad's). Or the Google black bar that I have to use ghostery to revert.

(I have Aspergers - (As in properly diagnosed not self diagnosed).

I am not dyslexic but I think people with that may have similar problems as well.

Obviously I don't expect it to be default but I think a few very minor changes might make things easier for people with AS or Dsylexia.

(That tapatalk interface is still wonderful but I find I am less verbose in my contributions due to the extra hassle of the tablet keyboard..)

I have spent a fair whike thinking about this and why. (Which is quite difficult because I have no idea whatsoever what it is like for anything other than me).

Maybe it is just me but I find it quite unlikely.

Thanks Sam (I like Modaco it is less pedantic in allot of ways to XDA that is fairly inconsistant depening on who you are.

(Everything above is my honest truthful answer but I might be wrong - I wouldn't expect anything that would make it worse for the majority who seem to love icons over text).

(A few test themes with only very minor colour changes from this one would be highly appreciated and I would give feedback).


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Take a look at this :

(Says what exact to do and not to do - I don't mind whether it looks fancy or nice or what just that it is easy to use).


(It applies to accessability generally as well.)

There again it seems it is rare people follow guidelines when it comes to these things.

(Hell I would be happy with a telnet UI)

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