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Permanently on Aeroplane mode

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HI i have unlocked my Ascend via ebay. Using a seller called unlock_fusion.

Everything went fine the phone accepted the code straight away.

It is also Rooted as per instructions in this forum, it is also running Paul's Rom.

It was running fine for a week or so.

Until today, it ran out of battery over night and now it is Permanently in Aeroplane mode, if you switch aeroplane mode off it turns itself back on.

Weird Huh ?

Any ideas ?

I have not tried a factory reset or Cache wipe yet, i would like to avoid if possible.


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jikobutsu    312

Have you tried disabling aeroplane mode directly in settings and by long press power button ?

All I can suggest is backup all your apps and install the rom again,It is a strange one that so can think of no other option for you.

Obviously if the problem persists after a fresh install,then I am afraid to say you have a hardware fault :( but usually a clean install will sort most things :)

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droiddruid    28

Just for reference I occasionally have this happen after using Permissions Free. Upon a reboot I will often find phone stuck in aeroplane mode. Running 'fix permissions' via the Clockwork Mod recovery menu fixes it every time.

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